How to Build The Jet Gun (Wonder Weapon) in Tranzit

How to build the jet gun (Wonder Weapon) in tranzithqdefault

What parts you need:

1. Jet Engine

2.  Wire

3. Handle

4. Pressure gauge

Where they are in tranzit

1. Jet engine

This is in the tunnel, the tunnel is between the bus depo (where you spawn) And the dinner.

When the bus slows down just jump off and it will be in there!

It spawns in 3 places! All very easy to see/find.

When you have the engine, go to the town map.

The work bench is in the pool hall bar. That is where the jet gun is made.

2. Wire

You now need to go to the power house! Look at the map given to see where it is.

When you get to the power house, If the power isn’t all ready on, turn the power on.

After the power is on, go up the stairs to the catwalk! As you walk up following the right side of the wall, you will have to jump a gap in the catwalk.

Now look down! You should see a big pit of lava and fire (Do Not jump down)

That is death is you do! Instead jump down in to the broken cat walk! And you should see the wire on this box!

Now just head back to the pool hall bar (Town).

3. Handle

Now the handle.  This is the hardest one if you are not sure where the secret map is (Nacht Der Untoten) This was the first zombie map in Call of duty.

If you look at the map it is drawn out where it is.

The Place is located between the farm And the power station. (Make a crawler for this)

4. Pressure Guage

This again isn’t easy! Ok if you look at the map given. you need to head to the hut.

You need to go to the power station, now walk in the fog, the same way the bus goes!

Stay to the left side! You should see a green light lamppost When you see it, turn about 90 degree angle.  Now it should be behind you.

You will see a little wooden cabin. Go in open the door! And you should see a pressure gauge somewhere inside.

It is usually on the ground.

Now just head back to the town and build it!


Remember it can only be used once! After you have to rebuild it all again:)




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