black ops 2 zombie training

Black Ops 2 Zombie training!


Ok so you want to be good at zombies? but you don’t know the best way to go about doing so? Well here are some top tips!


Zombie training day one!


Train on custom game mode!

  • Headshots Only:

Get a friend go on custom zombies and put only head shoots 

Sounds silly start at wave 1 or 5 then just keep this up for a few days and you will then get muscle memory and just start aiming at the heads!


Now you have some accuracy you need to be good at surviving with zombies at high levels!

  • Starting Round:
  • Start the game on round  15, or 20. This will get you ready for high waves and make normal levels extremely easy!


hoarding zombies

This is were you get all the zombies in a line and they all follow you!

Makes it easy for you to kill them and if done right makes it much easier to survive especially at high rounds!


perks, perks! And more perks.

You need perks to survive in zombies!

Get these perks in this order

juggernog 2500 points

double tap 2000 points

quick reload 3000 points

– you pick! If you have good team mates get R.I.P.

– If you are on your own get quick revive first! because means you can revive yourself!:)


Weapon tips.

Me and my friend we like a challenge, what we do is only head shots, you are only aloud the m14, no other gun!

Adds a lot to the game makes it hard and also makes you really good with all the other guns.

how to pick a gun.

I would say you should try every gun and find what suits you right!


If you are good at aiming and you do these challenges a gun like the FAL will be for you! That upgraded with double tap is unstoppable!

If you are more of a move around person the assult will be much better!



If you are a heavy and like staying in one location and not moving then Pick light machine guns.

– HAMR (one of the best guns in the game)


If you enjoyed zombie training follow this blog! There will be more on zombies this week!

Coming next week:


Best places to horde zombies in

green run town.


green run farm.

I will have all the best spots on these maps to make a zombie train and stay alive for many rounds! 





About infiniumzombiefps

Hello, I am Oliver Clarke I am a game developer and this is a blog for my latest game Infinium. It is a zombie fps wave based game, that i will release in beta and update on a monthly basses. Any questions email me
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