Grand theft auto 5 map

This is everything you need to know about gta 5!

Lets start with the release date and map size!

— 9.17.2013 —



Well the map will be the biggest we have seen! There are talks saying that it cannot beat san andreas, but san andreas is 13,9 square miles! I have a feeling this will be a fair bit bigger.

The reason i say this? well in gta 5 there are a good few aircrafts! And they don’t seem slow, even in the trailers you can see how  quick they are! You wouldn’t be able to house that in a map the size of gta 4! I don’t think even gta san andreas!

Looking at screenshots like this:


It looks pretty god damn big.

What will the map have in it? 

Army Base?

Yes, Game Informer’s said that there will be an army base, it will be based off a real life military base somewhere in the U.S.A.

Here is an imagine of one of the jets that I assume will be located in the army base:




Another city? 

Well there are things going round that say there will only be one big city, this could be a problem! I don’t think it will be though, rockstar knows how to make a map! And they said there will be loads of little towns put everywhere.

And by looking at this imagine, the map again looks amazing! And looks like it will have nice little rally tracks!



I will keep adding to this every week so please follow and keep yourself posted!:)







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Top 5 gaming laptops of 2013

Top 5 gaming laptops of 2013

5. m14x



– Processor

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3840QM (8MB Cache, up to 3.8GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0)

– Graphics card

2 GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M with Optimus

– Display

14.0″ High Def+ (900p/1600×900) with WLED backlight

– Memory/ram

16GB (2 X 8GB) Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz



4. MSI G Series GT70



– Processor

intel® Core™ i7-3610QM Processor

– Graphics card

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670M discrete graphics (DDR5 3GB VRAM)

– Display

17.3″ Full HD Anti-reflective Display (16:9; 1920 x 1080)

– Memory/ram

16GB DDR3 1600MHz system memory

3. Samsung Series 7 Gamer



– Processor 

Intel core_i7 Processor 2.3GHz

– Graphics card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics with 2 GB of GDDR5

– Display

Full HD 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)

– Memory/ram

16 GB of installed DDR3 RAM (maximum; 4 x 4 GB)





– Processor

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3940XM (8MB Cache, up to 4.2GHz Overclocked)

– Graphics card

Dual 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680M – SLI® Enabled

– Display

18.4 inch (467.36 mm) WLED WideFHD (1080p) display (1920 X 1080)

– Memory/ram

  • 32GB (4 X 8GB) Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz
  • 16GB (4 X 4GB) Dual Channel DDR3 at 1866MHz



1.Razor blade



– Processor

Intel® Core™ i7

 CPU: 2.2GHz (Base) / 3.2GHz (Turbo)

Graphics and video


Also has a small card inside to switch to, saves battery.

– Display

17.3” Full HD 16:9 Ratio, 1920×1080
LED Backlit

– Memory/Ram

8GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz

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How to Build The Jet Gun (Wonder Weapon) in Tranzit

How to build the jet gun (Wonder Weapon) in tranzithqdefault

What parts you need:

1. Jet Engine

2.  Wire

3. Handle

4. Pressure gauge

Where they are in tranzit

1. Jet engine

This is in the tunnel, the tunnel is between the bus depo (where you spawn) And the dinner.

When the bus slows down just jump off and it will be in there!

It spawns in 3 places! All very easy to see/find.

When you have the engine, go to the town map.

The work bench is in the pool hall bar. That is where the jet gun is made.

2. Wire

You now need to go to the power house! Look at the map given to see where it is.

When you get to the power house, If the power isn’t all ready on, turn the power on.

After the power is on, go up the stairs to the catwalk! As you walk up following the right side of the wall, you will have to jump a gap in the catwalk.

Now look down! You should see a big pit of lava and fire (Do Not jump down)

That is death is you do! Instead jump down in to the broken cat walk! And you should see the wire on this box!

Now just head back to the pool hall bar (Town).

3. Handle

Now the handle.  This is the hardest one if you are not sure where the secret map is (Nacht Der Untoten) This was the first zombie map in Call of duty.

If you look at the map it is drawn out where it is.

The Place is located between the farm And the power station. (Make a crawler for this)

4. Pressure Guage

This again isn’t easy! Ok if you look at the map given. you need to head to the hut.

You need to go to the power station, now walk in the fog, the same way the bus goes!

Stay to the left side! You should see a green light lamppost When you see it, turn about 90 degree angle.  Now it should be behind you.

You will see a little wooden cabin. Go in open the door! And you should see a pressure gauge somewhere inside.

It is usually on the ground.

Now just head back to the town and build it!


Remember it can only be used once! After you have to rebuild it all again:)



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Black Ops 2: How to Get Diamond Camo

How to get diamond camo


This is how to get the diamond como in black ops 2!

A job that isn’t easy but is worth it. The diamond camo has to be worked up on each gun, so say you do it on the an-94 you will have to do it on assault and complete every challenge on the assault riffle category.

So how do you unlock the camo?

Get 50 kills with no perks

– Get 5 multikills 

– Get 50 kills with no attachments

– Get 10 longshots

– Get 10 scorestreaks

– Get 100 headshots


You have to do this for every gun in the category.

every assault gun for the assault gun camo!

If you need any help message me!




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Top 10 zombie games

10. plants vs zombies

This is Ten not because it is a bad game, It’s an amazing game! Just a little different to the other zombie games on the list!

If you have a handheld gaming devise Iphone,android,ps vita This game is amazing you should pick it up!


9. Infinium

Now this Game isn’t the best still needs a lot of updates! It is a Wave based game like call of duty zombies! And is made by me! Try it for free!

Infinium Pc 2012-09-25 17-37-51-06

8. WarZ

This game got a lot of bad reviews because it released early, the game is perfectly good now it has been updated!

A little annoying here and there but for a beta zombie game it is a lot of fun!

Try it out!


7. AVA

Now this is an fps much like call of duty! But it has an infected mode! With enemies like robots, zombie like people, and a shit ton of angry prisoners!

It is pretty awesome and have amazing guns to choose from. Give it a go!


6. DayZ

This is one of the best games on the list!

It is 6 because of some glitches because it is a mod! But the stand alone game is releasing soon and will be packed with amazing things that i can’t wait to see!

If you love zombies and you like the walking dead and sandbox maps this is the best zombie game for you!


5. Killing floor

By far the scariest game on the list! It is just really jumpy to play on your own! But still awesome! And great fun!

With the fact you can weld doors and cut most bits of the infected up! Makes this a good solid game!


4. Red dead redemption undead nightmare

One of the best sandbox zombie games! I have wanted to see proper zombies in grand theft auto for ages! And with rockstar doing this gives me hope that we may see a little zombie addon to gta 5!

It is one of the fumiest ones on the list! And the story is pretty fun! Only down side is it is short but the game still goes and you can still play! Also has awesome multilayer!


3. Left for dead 2

this is just chaos! I would say this is one of the best zombies games of all time! I can’t say how many times i have completed this game! It is amazing! And full of zombie fun! If you haven’t already try it out!!

left 4 dead 2 - sc1_aspirasisoft

2.Dead island

Dead Island, well there is to much to say about this game! It is free roam, has cars! and loads and i mean loads of weapons and ways to kill zombies! It has loads of different types of zombies/mutants! And has loads of side missions which make it amazing value!


1.Call of duty zombies

Best game on this list! All of them are amazing! Tranzit is the best and it is the most well built game and just hours and hours of fun! It is the only reason i still play black ops 2 and it will be fun for many more years! 😀


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black ops 2 zombie training

Black Ops 2 Zombie training!


Ok so you want to be good at zombies? but you don’t know the best way to go about doing so? Well here are some top tips!


Zombie training day one!


Train on custom game mode!

  • Headshots Only:

Get a friend go on custom zombies and put only head shoots 

Sounds silly start at wave 1 or 5 then just keep this up for a few days and you will then get muscle memory and just start aiming at the heads!


Now you have some accuracy you need to be good at surviving with zombies at high levels!

  • Starting Round:
  • Start the game on round  15, or 20. This will get you ready for high waves and make normal levels extremely easy!


hoarding zombies

This is were you get all the zombies in a line and they all follow you!

Makes it easy for you to kill them and if done right makes it much easier to survive especially at high rounds!


perks, perks! And more perks.

You need perks to survive in zombies!

Get these perks in this order

juggernog 2500 points

double tap 2000 points

quick reload 3000 points

– you pick! If you have good team mates get R.I.P.

– If you are on your own get quick revive first! because means you can revive yourself!:)


Weapon tips.

Me and my friend we like a challenge, what we do is only head shots, you are only aloud the m14, no other gun!

Adds a lot to the game makes it hard and also makes you really good with all the other guns.

how to pick a gun.

I would say you should try every gun and find what suits you right!


If you are good at aiming and you do these challenges a gun like the FAL will be for you! That upgraded with double tap is unstoppable!

If you are more of a move around person the assult will be much better!



If you are a heavy and like staying in one location and not moving then Pick light machine guns.

– HAMR (one of the best guns in the game)


If you enjoyed zombie training follow this blog! There will be more on zombies this week!

Coming next week:


Best places to horde zombies in

green run town.


green run farm.

I will have all the best spots on these maps to make a zombie train and stay alive for many rounds! 




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top 5 must have mods in minecraft

Best mods for minecraft! 

This is just a quick few mods that will change minecraft up a notch! Get it “notch” 😉 Hope you enjoy!

5.  Technic


4. TooManyItems


3. TraincraftMinecraft-Traincraft-Mod-5

2. Weather and Tornadoes


1. ferullo’s guns mod


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Top 15 minecraft creations!

Some of the most amazing minecraft creations!


Maybe give you some ideas !












– 10






















Hope you enjoyed this selection of some of my favourite builds in minecraft!

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Best weapon + perk set up for black ops 2 zombies

Best weapon + perk load out in Black Ops 2 zombies!




This is a must have! to survive you need this perk it makes you much stronger and it will be impossible to not have this in high rounds!

double tap! most people are against this perk but it can change most guns into much higher round killing machines!

quick reload (speed cola)

makes you reload quicker!

random perk 

– quick revive is good but if you have good team mates there is a perk called R.I.P. i think and it means when you die you can keep all your perks! can be useful if you have good team mates that will survive



HAMR (upgraded with them perks is unstoppable

fal (for people that are good at aiming it is an amazing gun and can go up to really high rounds!

– If you don’t like the fal the ray gun is an obvious choice i find it a little old and boring though so i don’t really use it!



– monkey booms 

– Semtex grenade 

– Galvaknuckles is an electric glove that is amazing for soaking up the points at the begging and will one hit kill to level 12/13 🙂

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Best weapons in Call of Duty black ops 2 zombies

Best guns in black ops 2 zombies! 

Best light machine gun


Best assualt

– Gaili

– fal

Best handgun 

– python

but upgraded the five seven is pretty awesome!

other weapons 

– ray gun (if you are a bit bored of the ray gun)

– the rpg! If you have a good assault or light then the rpg upgraded is awesome for hight rounds!


-R870 MCS Awesome weapon upgraded!

Hope you enjoyed!


If you liked this check out 

Best weapon + perk set up for black ops 2 zombies

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