Top 10 zombie games

10. plants vs zombies

This is Ten not because it is a bad game, It’s an amazing game! Just a little different to the other zombie games on the list!

If you have a handheld gaming devise Iphone,android,ps vita This game is amazing you should pick it up!


9. Infinium

Now this Game isn’t the best still needs a lot of updates! It is a Wave based game like call of duty zombies! And is made by me! Try it for free!

Infinium Pc 2012-09-25 17-37-51-06

8. WarZ

This game got a lot of bad reviews because it released early, the game is perfectly good now it has been updated!

A little annoying here and there but for a beta zombie game it is a lot of fun!

Try it out!


7. AVA

Now this is an fps much like call of duty! But it has an infected mode! With enemies like robots, zombie like people, and a shit ton of angry prisoners!

It is pretty awesome and have amazing guns to choose from. Give it a go!


6. DayZ

This is one of the best games on the list!

It is 6 because of some glitches because it is a mod! But the stand alone game is releasing soon and will be packed with amazing things that i can’t wait to see!

If you love zombies and you like the walking dead and sandbox maps this is the best zombie game for you!


5. Killing floor

By far the scariest game on the list! It is just really jumpy to play on your own! But still awesome! And great fun!

With the fact you can weld doors and cut most bits of the infected up! Makes this a good solid game!


4. Red dead redemption undead nightmare

One of the best sandbox zombie games! I have wanted to see proper zombies in grand theft auto for ages! And with rockstar doing this gives me hope that we may see a little zombie addon to gta 5!

It is one of the fumiest ones on the list! And the story is pretty fun! Only down side is it is short but the game still goes and you can still play! Also has awesome multilayer!


3. Left for dead 2

this is just chaos! I would say this is one of the best zombies games of all time! I can’t say how many times i have completed this game! It is amazing! And full of zombie fun! If you haven’t already try it out!!

left 4 dead 2 - sc1_aspirasisoft

2.Dead island

Dead Island, well there is to much to say about this game! It is free roam, has cars! and loads and i mean loads of weapons and ways to kill zombies! It has loads of different types of zombies/mutants! And has loads of side missions which make it amazing value!


1.Call of duty zombies

Best game on this list! All of them are amazing! Tranzit is the best and it is the most well built game and just hours and hours of fun! It is the only reason i still play black ops 2 and it will be fun for many more years! 😀



About infiniumzombiefps

Hello, I am Oliver Clarke I am a game developer and this is a blog for my latest game Infinium. It is a zombie fps wave based game, that i will release in beta and update on a monthly basses. Any questions email me
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