Best weapon + perk set up for black ops 2 zombies

Best weapon + perk load out in Black Ops 2 zombies!




This is a must have! to survive you need this perk it makes you much stronger and it will be impossible to not have this in high rounds!

double tap! most people are against this perk but it can change most guns into much higher round killing machines!

quick reload (speed cola)

makes you reload quicker!

random perk 

– quick revive is good but if you have good team mates there is a perk called R.I.P. i think and it means when you die you can keep all your perks! can be useful if you have good team mates that will survive



HAMR (upgraded with them perks is unstoppable

fal (for people that are good at aiming it is an amazing gun and can go up to really high rounds!

– If you don’t like the fal the ray gun is an obvious choice i find it a little old and boring though so i don’t really use it!



– monkey booms 

– Semtex grenade 

– Galvaknuckles is an electric glove that is amazing for soaking up the points at the begging and will one hit kill to level 12/13 🙂


About infiniumzombiefps

Hello, I am Oliver Clarke I am a game developer and this is a blog for my latest game Infinium. It is a zombie fps wave based game, that i will release in beta and update on a monthly basses. Any questions email me
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