Grand theft auto 5 map

This is everything you need to know about gta 5!

Lets start with the release date and map size!

— 9.17.2013 —



Well the map will be the biggest we have seen! There are talks saying that it cannot beat san andreas, but san andreas is 13,9 square miles! I have a feeling this will be a fair bit bigger.

The reason i say this? well in gta 5 there are a good few aircrafts! And they don’t seem slow, even in the trailers you can see how  quick they are! You wouldn’t be able to house that in a map the size of gta 4! I don’t think even gta san andreas!

Looking at screenshots like this:


It looks pretty god damn big.

What will the map have in it? 

Army Base?

Yes, Game Informer’s said that there will be an army base, it will be based off a real life military base somewhere in the U.S.A.

Here is an imagine of one of the jets that I assume will be located in the army base:




Another city? 

Well there are things going round that say there will only be one big city, this could be a problem! I don’t think it will be though, rockstar knows how to make a map! And they said there will be loads of little towns put everywhere.

And by looking at this imagine, the map again looks amazing! And looks like it will have nice little rally tracks!



I will keep adding to this every week so please follow and keep yourself posted!:)








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